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We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the premium training institutes based in Ontario, Canada. We provide our services in the field of professional training with certification. We are in the process of appointing affiliate centres all over the world. (Institute of Canadian Education is a training institute registered with the authority in Canada.)

ICE Canada is pledged to provide international quality curricula and assessment of private professional courses that will help people get professional training which will make them professionally sound. Our certification courses are run through our affiliate centers across the world, the curricula is monitored and the assessments are reviewed by Ice Canada. Based on the assessment, ICE Canada issues certificates to the students who successfully complete the courses at our affiliate centers.

If you are an institute that offers private certification courses to the students then we can add value to your institute by monitoring the curricula and reviewing the assessments. This will help your students complete the courses at your institute and get an International certificate.

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Mr. Karar
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